#goodmorning Harlem. Be less ratchet. Thanks.


Sundays in the launch with Isake. #goodmorning #HRCR

Had a rough Saturday. @kay__joh fixed it with mofongo, wine, and crochet.

Actually the most adorable things I’ve ever made in my entire life. #StitchedbyIsake baby booties.

And for my next trick: a #diy Hogwarts professor sweater. Already been up for 5 hours. To do list only has 1 item left. Get at me bro. (Thanks for the patch @photofelli, finally settled on what to do with it!)

The way my life is set up…
but I’m still on #teamOtherPeoplesKids


being older than the anime characters you’re attracted to


  • someone: have you seen this movie?
  • me: no but i've seen gifs



here is a picture of me when you don’t text back

━━━━━┓ \\ 
┓┓┓┓┓┃ ヽ○ノ
┓┓┓┓┓┃  / 
┓┓┓┓┓┃ ノ)  

Isnt that benewobble cumberwubwub

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College collage! #Family

Shivering in Boston…